How often should you blog?

A couple of pieces of info I found on the web in researching last night’s blog post that didn’t make it into the post – due mainly to the deadline effect 🙂
I thought they added more info to my post so am sharing them today: posts the following chart about blogging frequency:

  • For maximum growth: post multiple times per day to drive the most traffic (3-5 times or more is considered best for power bloggers).
  • For steady growth: post at least once per day.
  • For slower growth: publish at least every 3 days or 2-3 times per week.
  • For very slow growth: posting less frequently than 2-3 days per week is most appropriate for bloggers who maintain blogs as a hobby with no strategic plans for growth

A good guide to building a schedule. This leads to the idea that you have a different schedule for building a blog than you do for maintaining a blog. If you’re interested in building a blog from scratch then for the first few weeks/months a daily, or every other day schedule will help you get there quicker. Once you have a following you can change the schedule to twice weekly or weekly to maintain you blog over the long term.

Wendy posted some great blogging advice over at searchingforthehappiness. One of her points is about blog scheduling. While she doesn’t think that blogging to a schedule is a good idea, I think she implicitly makes a good point that blog writing does not equal blog posting.

I think scheduling blog posting is a good idea. Scheduling blog writing may or may not work for you. If you are the type of person that likes to write when you have an idea, then go with what works for you. If you’re like me and you work well with deadlines then it may be better to schedule a writing session into your hectic life. Don’t worry too much about the writing side, just focus on scheduling your blog posts. That’s what’s important.

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4 Responses to How often should you blog?

  1. wendymc12 says:

    Everyone has a different way of approaching their writing. What ever works for the individual is best. Just write something!! Thanks for mentioning my post at Searching for the Happiness. You have a great blog post. 🙂

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