Free Blogging Editorial Calendar Spreadsheet

Yesterday I shared some excellent Editorial Calendars, or Blog Planners. In researching this post I noticed that almost all Editorial Calendars were printed versions. There are no good Editorial Calendars for creating a blog plan on your computer. Until now..

For a lot of people writing out their plans on paper works best, but I like to keep everything in one place – on my computer. I also like to edit my plans a lot; paper plans get messy very quickly. This solves both problems for me. Once you enter the blog posting schedule the spreadsheet will automatically plan out your posting dates so you can immediately get started adding your blog posts ideas.

I’ve made two versions of the Planner. One for Excel 2010, and one for Excel 2003. The 2010 version looks a lot nicer so use that one if you can, but if you have an older version of Excel then try the 2003 version.

Blog Planner

Download the Blog Planner from the Free Blogging Tools ‎ page.

If you’d like to see an Open Office or Google Docs version, or if you have any suggestions to make it better, then let me know in the comments below.

Please share this with other bloggers if you think they might find it useful.

Happy planning!

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