3 lessons on Content Keywords: Follow the Herd!

This blog is still pretty new, and although I’ve had blogs in the past – mostly geared to friends and family – this is my first concerted effort to build a blog following. You can read all the blogging ‘rules’ you want, but sometimes you still have to make mistakes to really learn them. My first (there will be others!) mistake was ignoring content keywords.

I don’t particularly like the term Editorial Calendar. It sounds quite technical to me, and definitely reminds me of the printed media world. I thought I could come up with a better term for what is essentially an editorial calendar: I called it a Blog Planner. Always one to forge through the thick grass rather than sticking to the well-worn trail I wrote a few blog posts all about Blog Planners.Herd of Zebra I googled the term to see what others were saying but didn’t find many good hits, so I thought ‘Score! I’ve come across something new’…. but no, I was mistaken. It wasn’t till a week later that I was doing some other research and decided to google Editorial Calendar and BOOM! I got back hundreds of excellent hits. It’s then it dawned on me, I hadn’t invented something new, I’d just renamed something old and in doing so missed out on the chance to be in the right set of search results. Doh!

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Take the time to find the content keywords that are relevant to your blog. Use Google’s free Keyword search tool.
  2. If you don’t get many search results for your keywords then you’re not using the right keywords*. Keep looking till you find the beaten path your audience is on.
  3. Don’t try and rename something you don’t like the sound of. If that’s what people call it then stick with the herd.
* If you are the one-in-a-gzillion person that has actually invented something new, then disregard lesson two.
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