Interview someone – Day 9 of 30 days of blog post ideas

Welcome to day 9 of my 30 days of blog post ideas series. Today we focus on interesting people…

For me, being successful in whatever I’m trying to do means stepping outside my comfort zone. My wife says I’m a textbook case introvert – it’s true. I really have to step outside of my comfort zone to talk to people I don’t know.

I do this by using two techniques. Both are mental techniques. Firstly I pull a mask down and pretend to be an extrovert, secondly I hold my nose like I’m going to jump into a swimming pool. No not literally, but like jumping into a pool there is a decision point where you just have to say to yourself: “Go!” and override your analytical brain and just do it. That’s what I do when I have to do something difficult, I just shut my brain down and jump in with both feet. Once I’ve taken that first step I have to follow through so it becomes easy after that.

My mental exercises aside, interviewing someone you don’t know can be daunting. But everyone wants to know what someone interesting thinks, so why not be the person that gets that info and shares it with others. The world of introverts will love you! šŸ™‚

Find someone of interest in your blogging space – a leader, someone with definite opinions, someone you want to learn from or possibly even your boss or co-worker and ask if you can interview them. What’s the worst they can say? ‘No’? I’m sure anyone will be flattered to be interviewed and made ‘famous’ so they’re more likely to say yes.

  • Plan your interview questions beforehand, and come prepared.
  • Don’t be afraid to let them know you’re nervous – they might be too!
  • Think of questions that might interest your readers, or provide a specific opinion on a topic.
  • Don’t forget to ask open-ended questions. To make sure your questions are open make sure they start with What, Why, When or How.
  • Ask your question and pause. Don’t lead them or provide an answer for them (What do you think of X? Do you think it will change our industry?) just ask the question and wait for an answer.
  • Don’t be afraid of pauses – people need time to think up an answer so give them a chance.
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