Information Roundup – Day 10 of 30 days of blog post ideas

Welcome to the belated day 10 of my 30 days of blog post ideas series. Today we focus on saving readers time…

R’uh-R’oh! As Scooby would say. This should have gone out yesterday. Another missed day in my 30 days of blogging. Sorry about that – I do have a good reason though. Yesterday I launched another side project I’m working on. A mobile guitar songbook called Chords 2 Go. Think of it like Guitaraoke. I was feverishly putting the finishing touches to that all day yesterday…now back to the blogging.

As we all know there is a LOT of information out there. There is a reason it’s called the World and Wide web. As a blogger you have the power to save your readers valuable time by doing a lot of the digging through all types of information to roundup the best of what’s out there on the web. It could be anything: a roundup of good blog posts from other, relevant, blogs in the last week. A roundup of a software that offers certain functionality. A roundup of news stories that are of interest to your readers. You get the idea. You do the hard work of researching and filtering information for readers, and they love you for it.

Pick your topic and spend some quality time doing research. Filter the information thoroughly; the quality of the post is a reflection of the work you put in. If it’s not well filtered there will be no reason for readers to read it, or trust you. Once you have your roundup, give a reason for every entry that relates to your readers (why they should care about what you’re telling them). E.g. how the information solves a problem they have or how the information is relevant to them.

  • Try to provide the key pieces of information in the post itself so readers don’t have to click through to figure out what you’re telling them, but also provide a link so if they want to read more they can.
  • Don’t overuse it otherwise you’ll just become a directory of information and Google SEO and real people don’t like that – you stop adding value at that point.
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