Argue Against Something – Day 14 of 30 days of blog post ideas

Welcome to day 14 of my 30 days of blog post ideas series. Today we focus on opinions…

As I’ve said before – everyone has an opinion, and everyone likes to share their opinions. Start a conversation with your readers by arguing against a well-known fact or opinion in your blog space, or business. You don’t have to actually hold that opposite opinion, but just play devil’s advocate for the blog. You can either do it openly and let your readers know at the start of the blog post that this is not your opinion but you are exploring a topic from a different angle, or you can keep that to yourself.

For example, if you are in the media business you could argue that fewer ads, not more ads result in more sales. Or if you were a ‘mommy blogger’ you could argue that giving kids unlimited access to candy is good for them.

Don’t just state the opposite opinion. You really need to think about it first, and come up with some solid reasons why you are stating the opinion you are. You don’t believe it yourself, so work really hard to convince yourself, the more you end up believing it the more they will be persuaded to listen to you. Think of it like debate club, and you are trying to convince your readers to change their minds. The more solid your facts and reasoning, the more likely they are to agree with you.

Of course, you don’t want them to agree with you – you want them to be so moved that they leave a comment stating their opinion on the matter. However it turns out, you don’t want to alienate your readers so tread carefully, and listen to their side of the story. Be respectful when you reply to comments and try and stay objective.

Think about a long-held belief or opinion in your blogging space: something everyone takes for granted. Sit down and ask yourself ‘how could the opposite be true, or better?’ Generate some logical thinking, facts and reasons to support your argument and write it up in a blog post

  • If you’re worried about too much controversy on your blog, then let people know that you are exploring an opposite opinion at the start of the post.
  • Make sure it remains objective, and that you only discuss ideas, and not specific people.
  • Make sure you give a call to action at the end of the post, and directly ask people for their thoughts on the subject.
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