Review your Competition – Day 16 of 30 days of blog post ideas

Welcome to day 16 of my 30 days of blog post ideas series. Today we focus on pushing the boundaries…

I’ve spoken a bit about Marcus Sheridan aka The Sales Lion before. The NY Times wrote up a great article on his marketing strategies for his Swimming Pool company. While I do find him a bit full on ‘sales guy’ (The Sales Lion?? Really? Too much corporate male macho bullshit for me), I do respect his ideas – he is very smart and creative.

In the NY Times article he talks about a blog post he wrote reviewing OTHER swimming pool installation companies in his area. He didn’t mention his own company, just provided readers with an objective review of the options out there. That was a very bold move. Something that his competitors still probably don’t get (‘Thanks for the free advertising!’). Marcus was trying to help his readers and was busy building relationships with them while his competitors were still trying to just sell something to them. Where did people go when they wanted an opinion on other Pool Companies? Straight to Marcus’ blog. Smart Marketing.

The review should only focus on your competition, not yourself. But how will people know where we rank against our competition you ask? Here’s the clever thing…they will figure it out for themselves. Make sure your website is clear in laying out the advantages of your company over your competition. This review blog post may even help you in clarifying what it is that makes your company stand out.

For instance if a competitor charges a lot less than you, but their service is bare-bones, make sure you website points this out. (Our service includes X, Y and Z. It may cost a little more, but the price we quote is the price you pay. Guaranteed). People are smart they’ll be able to join the dots and see where you fit in the space.

Document the advantages and disadvantages of your competition, write it up in a review post either as a paragraph on each competitor, or a table listing the differentiators and where each competitor stands on each point. This is a very powerful post so make triple-sure it is written very well. Ask multiple people to review it and be critical. Only post once you feel comfortable.

  • Above all, be fair. Remember your goal is to help people. Write the review as if you didn’t have a bias on the topic. All companies will have some advantages as well as disadvantages. Review to make sure both sides of the review are balanced.
  • Don’t mention yourself. That will destroy any credibility you are trying for.
  • Be honest and don’t pull punches, but don’t try to destroy your competition. If there is something really damaging, or you are unsure, hold back, (you can always talk to clients about it in person).
  • Be bold, and don’t be afraid of this type of post. You WANT to stand out from everyone else. This will help you do that.
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