Predict the Future – Day 17 of 30 days of blog post ideas

Welcome to day 17 of my 30 days of blog post ideas series. Today we focus on crystal balls…

Predicting the future is easier than you think. The secret is….you don’t have to be right.

Seriously all manner of experts and futoroligists predict the future everyday. What is the economy going to do? Who is going to win the world series? You can too.

It’s back to our old friend: opinions. Everyone loves them, so why not provide your own opinions on what’s going to happen to your business or area of interest in the future. Don’t worry about being 100% accurate that doesn’t matter, no one is going to come back in twelve months and hold things against you. Especially if you let readers know these are your own opinions of either where you see things going, or where you’d like to see things go.

Either think about where you’d like your business, industry or hobby to go in the next 12, 24, or 36 months and write a post about that (the happy future), or think about where others are taking your industry or hobby in the next 12, 24, or 36 months (the real future).

  • You can go really wild with your imagination or you can play it safe in your predictions just let people know which path your taking.
  • Be bold, and don’t be afraid of predicting something others don’t see. It will give you a unique viewpoint.
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